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I'll be adding to the site frequently over the next few weeks so check back often for new miniature pictures and terrain guides!

Be sure to check out the Miniatures section for commentary on the steps I take when painting for my miniatures. Also, don't forget to check out the Terrain section for guides on how to create impressive displays to complement and showcase your minis!

Shadow Warrior Guide added

This is a Warhammer miniature that was part of a set of three. This is the first of the three that I painted and was one of the first miniatures I ever painted.

Watchtower Base Terrain Guide added

This base was created specifically to display the orc/lizardmen watchtower that I previously created, although the method can be used to create a base for any of your terrain pieces.

Alien Flora Terrain Guide added

Creating a terrain piece of alien plants is easy with a few cheap materials from a dollar store!

Watchtower Terrain Guide added

A new guide detailing how to build an orc/lizardman watchtower has been added to our Terrain page. It's amazing what a few branches and popsicle sticks can do!

Female Blackguard/Antipaladin Guide added

I just uploaded a guide on how I painted an evil female paladin (or would that be antipaladin?). A basic red and black color scheme made for an easy paint job but a nice result.

Lizardman Miniature Guide added

I've added a new guide to our Miniature Guides page on how I painted a Lizardman miniature. This is a plastic mini that came in a very old Warhammer set. This was the first mini I ever painted and I still think today that it is one of my best.

Stone Monolith Terrain Guide added

A new guide detailing how to build a ruined stone monolith has been added to our Terrain Guides page. Even with limited paint options and building materials the end result came out great.

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alien flora
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