This is a collection of sites that we recommend for tips, tricks, and simple inspiration when you're looking for ideas.

Jennifer Haley's Painting Tips and Miniatures :: Professional painter Jennifer Haley offers various painting tips as well as galleries of her miniatures.

Ironhands: Wargames Terrain Built From Scratch :: This is a great site for inspiration. Some of the terrain pieces that Sean Patten creates from everyday objects such as clothespins and cassette tapes is simply amazing.

TerraGenesis: Table-top Scenery and Model Terrain :: This site has tons of articles detailing how to build various terrain pieces for guidance or just simple inspiration.

Kobblestone Miniatures: Wargame Miniature Buildings and Terrain :: A unique gallery to provide inspiration for your next terrain project. Forum Thread on Painting Minis :: A great thread with very useful information for any beginning painter.

World of Minis Forum :: A forum dedicated to minis of all varieties with member galleries and some tutorials.

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