Miniature Painting Guides

These are less guides than they are more running commentaries about the process I went through on each of my miniatures. Although I still have much to learn myself, hopefully these will help in painting your miniatures, or at the very least inspire you to try a new color scheme or two.

How to Paint a...Shadow Warrior (1)


I used a standard blue color scheme on this mini but I tried to make it unique by using touches of different color on all of his accessories: red gems on the belt/helm/gauntlets, orange feather tips on his arrows, and moss green additions on his boots.

Three of these Warhammer miniatures came together in a set and this is the first of the bunch. Each had a different pose but all of them were dubbed Shadow Warriors...

How to Paint a...Female Antipaladin


A great looking mini and a fairly quick one to paint due to the simple color scheme I chose. I love the look of the massive tower shield and the spiky armor that gives this mini a definite evil aura.

I began with a black undercoat on the entire model to give a darker look. In addition, I planned on painting...

How to Paint a...Lizardman (1)


A Lizardman warrior.

This is a plastic mini that came in a very old Warhammer set. This lizardman saurus was the first mini I ever painted and I still think today that it is one of my best. A goblin green skin is highlighted by drybrushed blue scales along his back.

Maybe it was just beginner's luck?

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