How to Paint a...Female Antipaladin

» Front view of the painted female antipaladin.

A great looking mini and a fairly quick one to paint due to the simple color scheme I chose. I love the look of the massive tower shield and the spiky armor that gives this mini a definite evil aura.

I began with a black undercoat on the entire model to give a darker look. In addition, I planned on painting the armor of this character black and therefore a black undercoat on the entire model would make my job much easier. Red matches well with black for an evil look and I accentuated her armor and sword with red designs wherever appropriate.

» Rear view of the painted female antipaladin.

The face and hair of this miniature were especially unique. When purchasing this mini, I did not realize that she only had hair on half her head. Yes, you read that correctly; she was half bald.

I didn't particularly like that look, and instead chose to attempt to disguise her bald half with brown paint to emulate a full head of hair. It took multiple attempts, but the final result came out amazing, with even a fake bang hanging down on her forehead.

Unfortunately, the rest of the face of this mini did not come out particularly well. The flesh paint that I used was not watered down nearly enough, and clumped up as I painted it on. After drying, the clumpy result is apparent if you look closely at the face.

At least you can't tell from farther than a foot away. Now I know to make sure to water down my paints. I guess you learn another lesson with each mini you paint.

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