How to Paint a...Lizardman (1)

» Front view of the finished lizardman. I still haven't flocked the base.

This was my first model ever and at the time I was still learning about the painting process.

As a result, two steps that I did not take with this model were washing and priming. I know both of these steps greatly helps with metal models, but this model is plastic and paint seemed to stick easily without a wash or priming coat.

I began with a layer of goblin green on the skin of the lizardman. Next, I added brown to the tail scales of the lizardman.

» Rear view of the finished lizardman.

When beginning to paint the model, I was unsure what color I wanted the scale spots on his back to be. After originally painting the entire back green, I definitely thought I needed an influx of color.

I ultimately decided on blue (as I thought red or orange would be too flashy). After drybrushing enchanted blue onto the raised scale spots, I was satisfied with the result.

Finally, I finished up the details of the model: teeth, tongue, eyes, and claws on the feet.