How to Paint a...Shadow Warrior (1)

warhammer shadow warrior
» The final shadow warrior.

Three of these Warhammer miniatures came together in a set and this is the first of the bunch. Each had a different pose but all of them were dubbed Shadow Warriors, a term I'm not sure fits their appearance. Maybe it's just me, but I think of dark assassin robed in black and masked in darkness when picturing a Shadow Warrior.

warhammer shadow warrior
» The details are the big attraction on this mini.

Either way, I'm a big fan of all the details on this mini, from the belt buckles to the ankle bands and especially all the gems that adorn his clothing.

warhammer shadow warrior
» Some of the paint flaked off over time since I did not coat it with varnish after painting.

This miniature was the second I ever painted. I was still learning and I therefore did not use a base coat on this miniature. The main color scheme is pretty basic: blue cape, chainmail armor, and brown boots.

warhammer shadow warrior
» The orange arrow tips are certainly colorful!.

The details are where I gave close attention. I mixed a moss green color for his belt and anklets. I was going for the look of a ranger or tracker who spends his time in the forests, and I thought moss green was appropriately suited to accomplish that.

warhammer shadow warrior
» The belt buckles look great!

The gems and designs on the bow definitely add character to this figurine. I wanted a vibrant color to offset the standard color scheme I had been using on the rest of the model. Bright red paint fit the bill exactly. Besides, I thought rubies were an appropriate gem for a warrior to wear as adornment.

warhammer shadow warrior
» A back view.

The face of this mini is barely exposed, and does not leave much to paint. Still, I regret not using a darker flesh tone. Instead, I used basic flesh color, which I now realize is almost always too light for my liking.

I prefer to go for a more tan or coffee-colored color when painting flesh on most minis now. Then again, I suppose elves are often said to have fair skin, so I guess it works in this case.