Terrain Guides

These guides will take you through the process of building terrain accessories for your miniatures. Whether used for fighting battles or simply to show off your miniatures, these pieces will make your friends drool over your displays.

How to Create a...Watchtower Base

watchtower base

This is a base that I created for my orc/lizardmen watchtower. It is made from Styrofoam and uses some cheap plastic foliage that I salvaged from Christmas decorations.

I chose to try Styrofoam for the base of my watchtower. I broke off a rectangular section of Styrofoam and then went to work on it with...

How to Create...Alien Flora

alien flora

This is a simple piece that looks very unique and eye-catching. It was created from a decoration bought at a dollar store.

Although the decoration was meant to be placed in a vase, cutting the stems off of each decoration and gluing them onto a base produces a realistic terrain piece...

How to Create an...Orc/Lizardmen Watchtower

orc or lizardmen watchtower

A wooden watchtower perfect for a jungle or plains setting.

The finished product doesn't look that bad, but I made a couple of bad decisions while building this piece. The least I can do is share my advice so you don't make the same mistakes I did!

How to Create a...Ruined Stone Monolith

ruined stone monolith

A partially toppled stone monolith with ancient carvings on its front.

This is one of my favorite pieces, perhaps because of the use of Mayan symbols on the front of the monolith.

I really didn't know what I was getting into when I decided to try carving styrofoam to take the form of this monolith, but it worked well to give it a stone texture and I really enjoy the end result.

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