How to Create an...Orc/Lizardmen Watchtower

Materials Needed: 10-20 wooden popsicle sticks, 4-5 dry sticks (1/4-1/2 inch in diameter), 2 feet of string or wire of the color of your choice, 2 leaf stems (optional), 6 toothpicks, 1 sheet of regular printer paper, Wire Cutters, Glue, Paint & Brushes.

orc or lizardmen watchtower
» The final watchtower on a flocked base with plastic foliage.

A wooden watchtower perfect for a jungle or plains setting. This watchtower is a great terrain addition to any collection. Made to look like an orc or lizardman creation, the final watchtower appears to be created from wood and cloth.

To gather the necessary materials, I grabbed a few branches and leaf stems during the fall season. Popsicle sticks can be bought in bulk for very cheap as well, and hopefully you'll have string and toothpicks around the house.

orc or lizardmen watchtower
» You can use dry sticks lying around outside for the legs of the watchtower.

I broke the branches into appropriate length sections to form the three wooden legs of the watchtower.

I also broke a few more branches to use as support beams parallel to the ground halfway up the legs. I also chose to add a couple of additional support beams to give the tower the appearance as though it were haphazardly constructed.

orc or lizardmen watchtower
» Tying the legs together was very hard, but looks realistic.

The hardest part comes at the beginning when you must start tying the legs of the watchtower together.

I did not want to use any glue before making sure the legs were spaced properly, so it was very difficult for me to keep the legs in place as I tried to weave the string around them.

orc or lizardmen watchtower
» A close up of the tied legs.

After managing to get the structure somewhat stable, I added glue on the string to keep it in place and also between sticks to keep them together.

orc or lizardmen watchtower
» You can see the massive amount of glue I used as it dries on the legs. Those pesky sticks won't be going anywhere anytime soon!

WARNING: This was my first mistake when building this watchtower. I used way too much glue when sealing the string to the branches (I guess I was a little frustrated after trying to get the string fastened on the branches and didn't want those branches to be able to slip out ever again ^^).

I figured you wouldn't be able to tell because the glue dries clear, but much to my dismay, large gobs of clear glue can be seen on the string if you are looking for it.

orc or lizardmen watchtower
» I glued sticks on the bottom to hold together the floor.

While the glue was drying on the legs, I began work on the wooden floors and walls of the watchtower. These would be made from popsicle sticks and painted to resemble dark wood.

I used wire cutters to cut the popsicle sticks into lengths to form a somewhat circular base. I use two popsicle sticks underneath to glue the entire base together.

orc or lizardmen watchtower
» I glued toothpicks around the sides to use as support for the walls and roof.

I next added toothpicks at evenly spaced intervals around the base. I wanted these to look like pillars to which walls would be nailed to. These toothpicks would also support the roof of the watchtower.

orc or lizardmen watchtower
» The painted floor and walls of the watchtower. I'm still not sure I like the orange color on the toothpicks, but it gets hidden by the roof later on.

They didn't turn out exactly how I pictured, and in retrospect, I think the walls could have been glued on the tower first, and then I could have glued halves of toothpicks on top of the walls for the roof to rest on.

I chose to paint the base and the walls before gluing the two together, but painting afterwards would probably work just as well.

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